It’s one thing to leave Christmas lights up year round, but where do we draw the line with yard decorations?

This post was written on February 1st.

As I was driving around assorted neighborhoods on this fine February 1st day, I saw many homes with their Christmas spirit still standing proud. Not one home or two, but rather, many.

I love Christmas as much as anybody who loves Christmas, but I think it’s a bit excessive to leave your oversized Santa, baby Jesus manger, snow globes, giant elf, and whatever other crazy inflatable nonsense you have out in your yard past the middle of January. Lights are pretty, so they can stay up year round for all I care, but the yard decorations need to go back in the garage after say, the 15th of January? I think that’s reasonable.

AND, for the record, Doctor Who’s inflatable Tardis with tinsel on it does not qualify as Christmas decor. Nor do the Thanksgiving inflatables that weren’t taken down in December. And don’t even get me started on the Nightmare Before Christmas yard decorations. These usually start going up around the end of September and stay up until spring too (Just as many people put up their Christmas yard inflatables right after Halloween as well).

There is a whole debate in itself whether Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or Christmas movie, but they need to be put away regardless (Speaking of holiday movies, why aren’t there Die Hard yard inflatables?). And the other spooky inflatable Halloween ghosts and monsters should probably be taken down before Christmas, never mind January or February.

While I’m on my soapbox, you should probably take down the Christmas tree too, because I can see it through your window (If you leave it open, I’m peeking). If you feel so inclined to leave your tree up until February, at least put some hearts or roses on it to make it a Valentine’s Day tree.

Are these people who leave decorations up too long trying to prove a point?

Are they intentionally being socially defiant?

Are they just lazy?

All I need is a semi reasonable explanation.

~ Marty ~

Are you someone who keeps your decorations up?

Please share your thoughts.

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