I was in a pizza restaurant and had just placed my order. I paid then sat down as I waited for my food. Moments later, a homeless man walked in and proceeded to walk around the restaurant asking people for pizza. He appeared to be either drunk or high on something. When none of the customers gave him any food, he walked up to the counter and rudely told the cashier, “Give me pizza.”

The cashier started to ring up the cost of a slice as the man said, “I don’t have any money.”

The cashier said, “Oh”, then proceeded to give the man pizza for free.

While this may seem like it was a thoughtful act of charity, it made me think, “Why did I have to pay for my food?” I had just paid full price for my food and didn’t get anything free, yet the person after me gets free food, just because? I found this a bit insulting because if I walked in to a business and said I didn’t have any money after placing an order, I’d probably be told get lost, yet this man not only asked for free food, but nearly demanded it, and received it.

Afterward, the homeless man ate his food then left without saying so much as a thank you, leaving behind a mess at the table where he was sitting.

Is this okay?

Is this the new world we live in?

I personally thought it was rude, but I’d love to know your thoughts…

~ Marty ~