Think back to the classic 80’s movie, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

In the movie, a future society needed Bill and Ted to use their musical talents to save their world. I envision something similar happening in my life.

At some point (hopefully soon), I truly believe I’m going to be contacted by time travelers or some intelligent alien beings who need me to save their world…with PIZZA.

They’ll bring me to their home planet where I will be revered as a god. I will show them the ways of my pizza based lifestyle, which in turn will shape their entire culture. I will save them from starvation and boredom.

I will forever be their hero.

I will teach them how to make pizza.

I will teach them about the various styles of pizza.

I will teach them how to properly to fold a pizza slice.

I will teach them it’s not proper to eat pizza with a fork.

Someone may have to do this someday. Why shouldn’t it be me?

I don’t have much in this world…

At least let me have my dreams.

~ Marty ~