January is the start of tax time in the United States. It’s the time of year when we not only see how much money we made the year before, but we also get to see how much we had taken away by the government.

First off, I know how the whole tax thing works, and I know it’s essential in order to make for a civilized modern nation. We all have to pay our fair share in order to have important things like highways, public safety agencies, the military and all the other good things the government does for society. HOWEVER, you have to draw the line somewhere, especially when there is so much senseless waste of our precious tax dollars.

My specific gripe right now revolves around the entire US tax code…

We pay income taxes on the money we make when we work.

We then pay sales tax on the things we buy.

With the exception of only a few US states, there’s state sales tax. There is also city sales tax, and in some places, county sales tax. In many places there are also “special” taxes to cover the cost of building entertainment districts, shopping centers, hotels, tourist areas, and such. Sales tax with these “special” taxes in some places can be as high as 12% or 13%.

Then there’s property taxes on real estate and other things we own, as well as vehicle taxes.

If we invest our money, or just put it in the bank, we get taxed on the interest we make.

If we sell our stuff that we’ve already paid taxes on, you have to pay more tax on that money.

If you don’t pay your taxes, you go to prison.

But if you die before that happens, you have to pay a death tax on everything you own if it gets handed down to someone else. When your family decides to part with any of the items you’ve owned, they’ll get taxed on selling that too, because now in 2022, if you sell on Ebay, Etsy, or any other internet sales sites, you’ll be taxed on anything you sell when the amount goes over $600.00 in a year (it used to be $20,000).

The government will happily go after the little guy who is trying to clean out their garage to make some extra cash, but all the while, multi-billion dollar companies don’t pay anything because of loopholes. Churches don’t pay taxes either, and neither do schools or colleges because they’re tax exempt. Non-profit organizations also slip through without paying.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer because of how the system is set up.

It hurts when you see how much money you’ve made compared to what you actually have in your hands. It also hurts to see tax dollars wasted, but that’s an article for another day. What hurts most is seeing people who don’t pay their share while others struggle to make ends meet everyday. With each passing day, the amount we have is getting smaller and smaller due to inflation. I like tax breaks as much as anyone, but something needs to change.

I really didn’t want this to turn into a political post because I don’t do that, but with it being tax time and all, I just wanted to vent.

Venting done.

~ Marty ~