In the 1800’s, pioneers in the United States packed up their lives, leaving everything behind to head west. They braved unbelievable hardships, often fighting for their lives each day. They fought cold, heat, starvation, violent attacks, and extreme boredom, yet they managed to push through it all because they knew a better life awaited them.

If I put pants on in the morning it’s a big accomplishment for me.


Because I lack motivation.

I probably would not have fared well in the 1800’s.

Mainly, there were not very many pizza options back then (that would have been a big problem for me), but otherwise, people in those days really had to push hard with everything in life. You had to hunt or grow your own food. You had to build your own home. You had to cut down trees for firewood to stay warm. If you didn’t do these things, you died.

That’s way too much pressure, but I guess it would be motivation to get things done.

What would the pioneers think if they were transported to current times?

I will be the first to admit I have too many distractions in my world, but more so, I’m just lazy.

The unfortunate thing is, most of our modern society is lazy too.

It’s hard for me to not only put pants on, but it’s also often a struggle to muster up the motivation to drive a half mile to the grocery store in my nice warm car when I run out of bread. If the zombie apocalypse happens, or if an asteroid hits the Earth thrusting civilization back to the dark ages, I think I’ll be in trouble, as would many others.

Hopefully if either of those disasters happen there will still be Doordash or Grubhub…

Oh, how times have changed.

~ Marty ~