I went in to a fast food restaurant to get a drink.

I only ordered a fountain drink.

Just a cup of soda, which I’d have to fill myself at the self-service dispenser.

The teen-age cashier hands me a cup and lid, then asks,

“Is this for here or to go?”

I said, “It’s a cup. Does it really matter?”

She says, “Yes, because if it’s for here, we put on a tray. If it’s to go, it goes in a bag.”

I curiously replied, “It’s a drink cup, and you just handed it to me. Are you going to put my drink in a bag?”

She looked at me crooked and asked, “Why would I put a drink in a bag?”

Thinking she finally realized how silly the original question was, I proudly replied, “That’s what I’m saying!”

Again, she asked me, “So is it for here or to go?”

Being the wise guy I am, and not being able to leave well enough alone, I asked, “If I say it’s for here, but then I decide to leave, what happens then?”

She answered with something so blatantly obvious, I felt stupid for not thinking of it:

“We’ll give you a to go cup”


I walked away defeated…

~ Marty ~

Sometimes I worry about the future of our world.

Other times, I’m just plain scared.