Why do you want to fill up on something before your dinner arrives? The concept of appetizers simply doesn’t make sense.

It makes me wonder why anyone would eat a salad while waiting for a pizza. It makes me wonder (and pains my heart) why anyone would eat anything while waiting for a pizza (or other main course meal). It seems like a flawed business plan for a restaurant to offer up something that will fill you up before your actual dinner arrives. It also seems wasteful to not eat your dinner. Maybe I’m viewing it wrong, but shouldn’t a restaurant’s focus be on the main meal?

What exactly is the point of an appetizer?

Historically, appetizers were intended to be the first part of a three course meal. They were never intended to fill you up. Many times I’ve gone out to eat with friends who order appetizers but then don’t finish their main meal because they’re full. They always say they didn’t think the appetizer would fill them up. Why not??? It’s food! When you put food in your belly, you get full!

In many restaurants, an appetizer is a meal in itself. I’ve seen heaping salads, massive plates of chicken strips, overflowing nachos, pretzels, and other foods which which are all going to the same place as the main meal. Some people say they eat appetizers so they won’t fill up so much on dinner. If you’re eating an appetizer so you’ll eat less later, why don’t you just eat less of whatever you’re ordering? Order a smaller portion!

I sometimes order from the appetizer menu when I go out to eat because it’s cheaper. Sometimes an appetizer is more appealing than the dinner menu, but when I do order an appetizer, it’s not a pre-meal. It’s usually my actual meal. Servers will often ask, “Is that all you want? Just an appetizer?” Yes, sometimes that is all I want, but I’m looked at like I just insulted someone’s dead mother. Does it really matter what I order? Food is food. Why do we need to have our food placed into categories on a menu? And, out of curiosity, why don’t we have appetizers on a breakfast menu? Because it’s a stupid concept. That’s why.

The title and concept of appetizers are very misleading. If I owned a restaurant I wouldn’t put the title of appetizer on the menu. I would just list the items I have for sale. Let people eat whatever they want to eat.

Enough said about that.

~ Marty ~

This article made me hungry…