There are always plenty of people driving on roads and highways, and there are always lots of people out walking around, but where is everybody going?

They can’t all be going to work. They can’t all be going to school.

They can’t all go to Walmart. They can’t all be at the pool.

They can’t all be delivering pizza. They can’t all be be getting lunch.

They can’t all be going to the doctor, so where do they go in bunch?

They can’t all be going home. They can’t all go to the mall.

They can’t all be going somewhere, so why are they out at all?

(That was a display of my amazing artistic poetic talent)

These people just simply can’t all be on some critically important mission which requires them to be out and about.

Are they all just driving around aimlessly?

I want to know where they’re all going.

I often think maybe I should follow them sometime.

But if I do that, I’ll only find out where one person went.

I’d have to follow lots of people.

Then, when the police pick me up for stalking, someone can wonder where I’m going, as the police car goes toward the jail.

To prevent this, cars should all have to do like buses do – they should put their destination on the window so I won’t have to lose sleep at night wondering where everyone is going.

~ Marty ~

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