People not wanting to work is interfering with my pizza eating…

One of my co-workers ordered pizza for a lunch meeting. After waiting over an hour for the delivery, I called the store to see where our food was. The manager apologized for the delay, saying they did not have any delivery drivers.


Maybe they could have told us that when we ordered, but they didn’t. This seems like something a delivery provider might want to mention, but regardless, the gal on the phone told me they were very short staffed because, “people don’t want to work since the whole covid thing.” After a moment of my pondering how long we would have waited had I not called (she also said they didn’t have drivers scheduled to come in until, “later”), I asked her what she planned to do about my pizza.

She said, “I guess we’ll have to do Doordash.”

At first I thought she meant I needed to call Doordash (I was about to mention exactly how I felt about that), but she meant her. Yes, a delivery restaurant was needing to call Doordash to deliver our food. That’s odd, but whatever. At least they were creative enough to figure something out, but this concept was something entirely new to me. One side of me thought it was a fabulous idea. Another side of me thought about how ridiculous this was.

In the grand scheme of things, I don’t really care how my food gets to me, but the place has like ONE job…to deliver my pizza. I just wonder how much they tipped the Doordash driver because we didn’t prepay a tip for the pizza (thank goodness). And, they had to pay the “convenience” and delivery fees, so they surely lost money on the deal. It just didn’t seem like a highly profitable business plan.

What has our world come to?

It’s disturbing how many places need employees. When I was bored one day I counted how many businesses were hiring in one city block. I counted 23. That was on ONE block. There are jobs everywhere, but nobody wants to work. Why? I’m guessing laziness. It surely isn’t because there is shortage of workers, and it’s definitely not because there is a shortage of work, but there is a shortage of motivation.

Whatever the reason, it’s just rude.

When I go to a restaurant and can’t go in the lobby because they don’t have enough employees, that hinders me.

When I go in a store and can’t find help or I have to wait in line because they don’t have enough employees, that also hinders me.

When I have to wait an hour and 20 minutes for a pizza for ANY reason, THAT hinders me.

Are these first world problems? Of course they are, but I don’t care. I’m lucky enough to live in an on-demand society, so I have certain expectations. One of which is when I order a pizza I expect it to promptly end up in my belly.

Is that really so much to ask?

~ Marty ~

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Has societal laziness hindered any of your food indulgence?

Let me know!

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