No matter what happens, there will always be something to complain about in life. This is especially true when it comes to the weather.

I live in the Midwest United States, right in the heart of America. We have crazy weather swings of hot and cold, wet and dry, and everything in between. It’s not uncommon to see a weather forecast for the week where tornadoes, snow storms and excessive heat warnings can all be in the same forecast. Sometimes these weather swings occur multiple times in the same day. It’s annoying sometimes, but it’s not horrible. In addition, it keeps things interesting.

Whenever the weather changes, it usually turns into the preferred topic of random conversation often overheard in line at places such as the grocery store, post office or bank. While it’s usually just small talk or “chit-chat” among strangers, it’s also annoying. Why? Because no one is ever content with whatever the current weather is.

When it’s freezing outside in the winter I hear people say, “I can’t wait until summer.” Then summer comes and everyone says, “My God it’s hot! I can’t wait for winter.” When the weather is nice and sunny I hear, “Yeah, it’s nice, but my grass needs rain.” When the rain comes, everyone says, “When will the rain stop? I miss the sun.”

When the grass turns green in the spring, everyone complains about having to mow all the time. In the winter people complain about having to shovel. The days aren’t long enough to get things done, the nights are too short. It’s always something.

Personally, I don’t engage these people in conversation; I prefer to have fun with them. If someone asks what you think about the weather, just tell them you were recently released from prison and you’re just happy to see the sky.

This makes conversations with strangers far more interesting…

~ Marty ~

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