Sometimes you just need to ignore the world…

It’s been a very long time since since I last posted an article. Days and weeks and months (and more months) went by since my last writing (Did anyone even notice or care I wasn’t around?). I have no valid reason other than I just didn’t feel like complaining about anything. That’s actually pretty weird because I’m known for always finding fault with something. I’m also know for being quite vocal about things that bother me. I enjoy being a naysayer.

In reality, I was just tired of thinking of everything that’s wrong in the world. I know there is still plenty wrong. I know there is still more stupidity and ignorance than I could ever compile a list on. I also know it’s never going to go away.

It used to be fun for me to point out the flaws of the world around us, but there comes a point it’s just too overwhelming. I reached that point where it just wasn’t fun anymore.

I went so far as to delete a bunch of of my old articles because they stressed me out. I remembered how I felt when I wrote them. I remember how angry and frustrated I was at some things that were happening in life. I didn’t want to look back on them years from now and trigger those emotions again. I just needed to stop thinking about everything I’ve thought about in the last year.

I accomplished the above by doing the following:

I stopped watching the news.

I stopped reading the news.

I cut way back on reading stupid social media sites.

I didn’t feed into the nonsense.

I lived my own life.

What did it change?

Nothing really.

My complaints were still there.

The problems were still there.

What wasn’t there was caring.

Stupid people are going to do stupid things. It’s inherent to the nature of ignorance. No matter how times you point out something to someone, some are just never going to see what’s right in front of them. I decided it’s not my place to tell them they’re stupid because they do a good enough job of it on their own. In short, I just don’t care anymore. Adopting this attitude has probably lowered my blood pressure and added a few years back to my life that 2020 took away.

The world needs humor now more than ever, but what I found humorous before is just sad now. The stupidity of humanity is just pathetic. Our world has changed dramatically for the worse in the past year, but it wasn’t forced upon us. We let it happen. I use the word ‘we’ very loosely though because I tried to be one of the voices of sanity and reason in 2020. I was not in that ‘we‘ group.

Going forward I have decided to change my writings. To what, I’m not sure yet. Perhaps I’ll start with some conspiracy theories or fake news to stir the pot a little. Maybe I’ll just tell random short stories and poems. Maybe in time I’ll return to my legacy rants and such, but it’s just so depressing to think about how screwed up society is, never mind to write about it. For my loyal followers, I hope I don’t lose you because I’ve enjoyed having you along for the ride.

In the meantime while I figure out what I want to write next, go outside, look up to the sky and know there are potentially an infinite number of worlds out there beyond ours which are highly functional and less than miserable. Say a prayer, scream really loud, and hope someone up in the sky hears our cries and comes to save us.

~ Marty ~

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