Super Bowl halftime shows are supposed to be a big deal as it’s a time to show the world some amazing talent. Sadly, we’re often left with something controversial or mediocre.

Usually I have some negative commentary to say about declining morals and values after watching the halftime shows, but this year wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t great either, but I wasn’t left with a curious disgust as to why someone would call these shows entertainment.

The performer for 2021 was The Weeknd (yes, that’s the correct spelling), a singer/rapper who has a few big pop hits. While we’re used to pop stars like Lady Gaga, J Lo, Beyonce, or others who use the biggest show in the world as a platform to push political or social agendas, The Weeknd was surprisingly low energy, tame and bland. If there was a hidden message, I missed it, which I’m okay with. He just sang his songs. What a crazy concept!

I don’t like most of his songs, but one positive thing I have to say about The Weeknd is he was actually singing. Many of the Super Bowl acts are often prerecorded with the artists lip syncing (usually badly) as they jump around the stage with pointless dance acts. It was refreshing to see someone actually singing, doing so in the not so horrible yet bland manner I described. I may not like him as an artist, but I give him respect for not taking the easy way out like so many others before him.

He wouldn’t have been my first choice for a half time show, but whatever. The NFL obviously doesn’t seem to care about my opinion seeing as how they’ve never responded to the friendly messages I’ve sent them over the years about their lame halftime programming. I can’t say I’m surprised though. I think the last few halftime shows pretty much destroyed any thought or hope of a “good” show. At least The Weeknd didn’t do anything controversial or stupid. The visuals were a bit weird, but they were obviously playing for the TV camera rather than a live crowd. I guess I can forgive this seeing as how the stadium wasn’t packed full like a normal year due to covid.

The Super Bowl is more about the commercials anyway, right?

On that note, the ads weren’t great either. Some were cute, but there was nothing groundbreaking. Many companies opted opt of big budget advertising this year because of covid sucking the life out of the economy. I tune in for the commercials, and dare I say, the halftime show. If these things are meaningless and I’m left empty, what else is there? The football game?

Regarding the game, I don’t care that much about football. I live in Kansas City and I really don’t care that the Chiefs were playing. That makes me a social outcast, but I’m okay with it (I’m a social outcast for plenty of other reasons). I have it on so I can stay current on my pop culture reference and so I’m not totally oblivious to the Monday morning chatter of what happened. I don’t generally pay attention to sports except for maybe the last two minutes because that’s all that really matters. Most of the time during the game I was playing on my phone and my tabletop Ms. Pac Man until the commercials. From what I’m told, I didn’t miss anything with the game.

I’m sad the halftime show wasn’t something cool, but in this day and age, bland is okay. It’s sort of nice to not have the controversy we usually have. For that, it’s a win and I’ll take it.

~ Marty ~