Unless they’re talking about pizza or their given professions, the public really shouldn’t care much about what celebrities and professional sports figures have to say, especially when it comes to politics and current events of the world…

It bothers me tremendously when I hear these people voicing their opinions about world affairs. What makes them think they know more, or know better, than everyone else?

The answer is, they don’t.

There is absolutely nothing about celebrities which makes them more knowledgeable than you or I. As such, they need to shut up.

When it comes to politics and world affairs, part of the problem today is too many people are dumbed down. These “sheeple” in society can’t formulate their own opinion of things, so they rely on people like celebrities for their information.

The difference between you, me and celebrities, is they have millions and millions of dollars at their disposal. World events and politics do not affect them the same as they affect you or I. If you rely on their opinions, we are sadly setting ourselves up for failure in life.

These “elites” of society (I use that term loosely) have no issue stirring up controversy and blindly commenting on things because they are out of touch with reality. They don’t have to work like the majority of the world. They don’t have to deal with daily struggles like you and I do. They sit back in their lush unaffected lifestyles, telling everyone else how to live.

That’s pretty messed up.

There is no reason a B-list movie actor should be telling you who to vote for. There is no reason a professional athlete should be telling you what you should protest. There is no reason you should take advice about anything from an Instagram “influencer.”


Because their opinions have ZERO relevance to YOUR life.

For the record, my opinion also probably has zero relevance on your life, but I have a point to what I say. My point is I’m not here to tell you what to think, I’m here to tell you to think. There’s a big difference.

I want you to think for yourself.

Research things. Learn about stuff. Educate yourself and draw your own conclusions about life…

If everyone did that, the world might be a better place.

But we don’t. We rely on the mainstream media and entertainers to tell us how we should live our lives, We rely on people who are not like us, have no connection with us, and no understanding of us to dictate what we do and how we think.

Having a media voice allows us to say things, but the words should be empowering, educational and motivational, or at least a distraction from whatever problems we’re facing, NOT just one person’s opinion taken as the word of God.

Voices are powerful. Whether it’s me and my little ol’ blog, or some ultra famous personality, words can also be dangerous. As such, you will never see an article on my page where I tell you who you should or shouldn’t vote for, what political party you should support or a cause you should or shouldn’t protest.


Because you don’t care.

I WILL point out absurdity and the hypocritical nature of things though because there are two sides to every story. Often, both sides are never addressed.

Please use your common sense and your brain.

That’s all I ask.

Just because someone tells you need to vote for a certain person or political party doesn’t mean you should. Just because other people are protesting whatever the hot trend of the week is doesn’t mean you should too.

Just as if you see a flashy TV commercial that tells you a company has the best product ever, it doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Take their words with a grain of salt.

When it comes to life, there are two topics everyone needs to keep to themselves; Politics and Religion.

Believe what you want, but keep it to yourself because your beliefs are nobody else’s business.

These are words to live by.

~ Marty ~


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