The world worries about getting infected by covid-19, but there is another pandemic that seems to be spreading much faster: Ignorance and Stupidity.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between ignorance and stupidity, ignorance implies a lack of knowledge. Stupidity is having the knowledge, but not using it. I’ll let you draw your own opinion of which is which regarding today’s society.

The next line of text is an actual conversation I had while visiting my dentist.

I walked into the lobby with no mask on. I was the last appointment of the day, so there was no one else in the lobby…

Office Lady: “Sir, you need to have a mask on.
Me: You do realize I’m here to get my teeth cleaned, right?
Her: Yes, but you need a mask.
Me: You know how stupid that sounds, right??

Rather than argue, I politely put my mask on and sat down.

Just as I got comfortable in the seat to read some old outdated magazines, the same lady comes out from the back to say, “Come on back, we’re ready for you.”

As I walked to the back with her, she tells me, “You can take your mask off now…”

Me: “Do you remember the conversation we just had less than five minutes ago?”

Her: “Yes, but it’s the law. You have to wear it when you come in.”

Me: “Umm, okay. That makes no sense whatsoever.”

Her: “I agree, but we have to stop the spread of covid.”

Wearing my mask for those 5 minutes in the lobby thankfully prevented the spread of covid for the unobstructed area just 10 feet away…

Rewind to some other societal shenanigans…

At my gym it’s the same type of thing. You have to wear a mask to enter the building, but then it’s okay to work out WITHOUT wearing mask. Apparently nobody is sweaty and gross and touching the equipment in there. And I guess nobody is exerting themselves with heavy breathing while exercising, right?

How about restaurants where you have to wear a mask while you order your food, but then magically the contagious germs are no longer present when the food arrives and while you are eating. I know I’m a little slow sometimes, but I don’t quite understand the logic there.

On that note, how about airplanes? You have to wear a mask for air travel because you’re in a confined space, but when the drinks or snacks arrive, the masks come off there too. Granted there are exceptions to this (short flights where food and drinks aren’t served), but longer flights are obviously worse.

And the schools…Oh, the schools! We can’t have our bigger kids in public school because of germs being spread, yet pre-schools and day care centers allow kids to run free in close proximity without a mask. Do little kids not get sick??? I guess not. By the way,  church Sunday school is seemingly okay in many places still too. No germs there either. 

How does any of this make sense to anyone??? 

Another of my favorites is how for months we weren’t allowed to interact with each other because bars and restaurants were closed and we were limited to gatherings of no more than 10 people, but it was perfectly fine to go to a protest with hundreds or thousands of other people in close proximity (in other words, NOT social distancing).

Were these protesters not yelling, chanting and breathing heavy, spreading an infinite number of potentially dangerous germ filled airborne droplets? Apparently not, because we told after that rioting did not present any increase in covid exposures, nor did the opening of beaches and public pools all over the U.S. just in time for summer.

Hmmm. Funny how that works… 

Shall we talk vaccines?

We’re being told we “need” a vaccine for a disease that we have to be told that we have. And for those who are unfortunate to actually get infected, there a roughly 98% recovery rate because the majority of cases show no symptoms, and those that do show symptoms typically only last a few days and can be treated with readily available common medications.

Need more?

If someone in your family or close circle of friends got sick with the flu or the common cold, you’d know it. It’s blatantly obvious. But covid is supposedly MORE contagious than either, yet do you know anyone personally that has been infected?

While there are some who may be able to answer that they have a best friend or family member who is/was sick, the vast majority (and by vast majority I’ll say nearly all) can only say they know of someone’s brother’s mother’s uncle’s sister’s cousin’s friend who was sick. It’s rarely ever a close connection.

Are there some people who end up in a hospital on a ventilator and die? Yes, but they are the extreme rarity and usually had a variety of other serious health conditions which caused them problems which ultimately would’ve resulted in their death anyway. In other words, they just as likely could have died from pneumonia, bronchitis, or even (wait for it)… the flu.

Are there some (or MANY as the numbers state) that merely tested positive with no symptoms or were infected and showed minor symptoms? Apparently so, but if we are in such a horrible true pandemic where the world is imploding upon itself, why don’t more people actually know anyone personally who is/was sick?

The numbers speak for themselves?

I had someone tell me recently that wearing masks has prevented millions of people from getting sick. The same person also told me the numbers don’t lie because people haven’t been getting the common cold or the flu either. Really?

Well, let’s talk about that.

Since covid-19 has been a thing, LOTS of other sicknesses have mysteriously fallen by the wayside. It’s doubtful it’s because of masks though. Does no one else not find it odd that old people don’t die of natural deaths anymore? How about emergency rooms which are filled with covid cases as the media states? Did other medical problems just stop? It’s pretty doubtful. For whatever reason, everything is now labeled as covid connection.


I have some fact based opinions, but I don’t want my blog to be about conspiracy theories. I just want you to open your eyes and question the nonsense we’re dealing with in our world because regardless of the reason, everyone is being played.

Take your mind away from what the media wants you think to really consider just how ridiculous everything in our world is. 

My mom used to always say, “Use your head for something other than wearing a hat.”

Those are words to live by.

~ Marty ~