If you’re not going to eat your pizza crusts, why would you order bread sticks???

I’ve seen it more times than I care to admit.

Someone orders a pizza, but while waiting for it to come out of the oven they order bread sticks as an appetizer. The sticks might be garlic bread, sometimes cheesy bread, or just plain old fashioned plain bread sticks. They often order assorted stuff to dip them in too.

Then the pizza arrives.

They devour the ever so delicious slices containing the sauce, the cheese, and whatever toppings are on it. Then they get to the fluffy edge (the crust), tossing it aside like it’s some horrific thing.


Even if someone doesn’t order bread sticks as an appetizer, many people still don’t like pizza crusts regardless (Especially little kids). For kids, this is a learned behavior, but what is the reason for adults?

The answer for many is usually, “I don’t like the crust.”


Perhaps kids (or adults) don’t realize the crust is made of the same dough as the slice they just ate. Pizza crusts are also most likely the same dough as the bread sticks kids or adults just ate too. If it’s the same dough as what you just ate (seeing as how it’s attached to the slice), how you can fairly say it tastes different?

I don’t understand.

Is it because there is no sauce or toppings? Is it deemed to be flavorless? Perhaps the crust haters would like the crust better if it was dipped in whatever sauce they use to dip the bread sticks in (I’ve been told that’s a no-go, for whatever reason).


I will admit sometimes the crust can be a bit dry, but what I do to remedy this, and to counter the flavor issue debate, is I wrap a little strand of  cheese around the crust to spice it up a bit. Mmm… So yummy! A little sauce on the crust also makes it taste like the rest of the pizza. Do some sauce AND cheese on the crusts, and well, it’s no longer just the crust.

Why does this bother me? Because it pains me to see perfectly good pizza being wasted.

To each their own I guess.

If you have an explanation or justification of the behavior, I’d love to hear it.

Otherwise, eat your crust. It’s a sin to waste pizza.

~ Marty ~

If you need help eating some pizza, let me know. I’m always willing.