Thanks to the hoarding craziness of Covid-19 and the quarantine, pizza was almost a rarity.

When the quarantine first began in March of 2020, I’ll admit I did do a little grocery shopping in fear of being locked in my house for 30 days. I didn’t give in to the toilet paper hype, but I did want a few frozen pizzas to throw in the freezer. To my surprise, they weren’t there.

I figured after a few weeks the stores would be restocked, but they weren’t. The companies making them just couldn’t keep up with the unanticipated demand. This continued through the entire quarantine period.

As if this wasn’t enough, other pizza related materials were also in demand. If you wanted to make a pizza at home, you were probably out of luck because you couldn’t find flour, yeast, or mozzarella cheese either. Luckily, I was stocked up on those.

The good news of the shortage was the fact you could still pick up the phone to order a pie from your favorite restaurant, assuming they were still open. Many family run places simply closed their doors because it wasn’t sustainable during the pandemic, but the franchises where there to save us. Had every pizza restaurant closed it would have been a disaster beyond comprehension.

On a funny side note, when I was looking for the frozen pizzas, most were gone, with one exception; The pizzas with ridiculous toppings remained. Gone were the cheese, pepperoni, sausage, meat lovers, etc., but not the hippie influenced extreme veggie crap (including pineapple). I found that amusing. Even with panic of the end of the world, people still didn’t want to eat that garbage.

The moral of my story is to always be prepared. Always have a well stocked supply of pizza in case something like this ever happens again. No one should have to suffer.

And if you see a pizza delivery driver, thank them. They’re heroes.

~ Marty ~

Do you have any pizza to spare?

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