With the US Government sending out checks to help stimulate the economy, have you thought about where your money will go?

For those who are out of work and needed this money to pay rent, buy food, or just survive in general, I feel for you and I’m glad you got it, but for many Americans, this money is going to be spent frivolously, which is sad.

I was very happy to see those in need getting the much needed cash to get through the month, but does someone who makes $150,000 per year really need a stimulus check? (The cutoff for the $1,200 was $75,000, but checks were still sent to those making up to $150,000 at an adjusted rate) 

Is $150,000 (or even $75,000) the new poverty line in the good ol’ USA?

If it is, then dang…I’m reeeeeeeeally poor, like many other Americans are as well. Sorry, that was a side note, but I personally think it’s crazy for the government to give money to people who make that much when so many lower income (or NO income) people are in need. What do you think?

I personally put the majority of my money in savings because I know when all the quarantine stuff is over, prices of EVERYTHING are going to go through the roof because all the businesses who were shut down are going to try to recoup the money they lost. Some say this won’t happen because we’ll be in a recession, but mark my words – they will.

What about you? Does money burn a hole in your pocket?

If so, feel free to send it to me. I’ll be happy to find a good home for it. As much as I would like to go on a Walmart shopping spree, I won’t, but I will buy some pizza and ice cream. I’ll do my part to help out the family run places who are barely hanging on.

Whether you like President Trump or not, I bet you cashed your check! So now what? Is the money already spent? Let me know what you spend yours on!

Personally, I recommend you go buy some pizza too.

~ Marty ~