As panic ensues around the world because of the COVID-19 coronavirus, it’s finally hit close to home. But while it’s now “relevant” in my area, it’s not really going to change anything.

It was announced that a COVID-19 case has been been confirmed in my town. While the media wants the public to think the world is coming to an end, it’s far from it.

The day after the case was announced, I was in Walmart. Everyone was still gleefully shopping in their pajamas as always. I went to the park to walk my dog and saw lots of people playing and having fun. I went out for a pizza and found the restaurant packed with a large birthday party, families out for a meal and assorted others doing what they normally do.

I didn’t see anyone in the store hoarding hand sanitizer or disinfectant spray. I didn’t see any carts full of protective masks or emergency preparedness supplies. And there were no fights over toilet paper. On that same note, I didn’t really see anyone buying up soap either.

Was I expecting chaos?

Yes, I did think there were going to be people who might freak out over the news.

Perhaps they didn’t know yet. Maybe they did know, but they’re just a little complacent. Maybe the people in my town are just indifferent. Or, while it’s stretch, I’d like to think we’re smart enough to realize this horrific outbreak is nothing more than what we’re normally used to in our world.

There are thousands of things that could kill us in society. Heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans, yet McDonald’s always has a line to order food. Cigarettes routinely kill people, yet they’re conveniently located at the register when you check out in nearly every store.

And as the facts show, you’re more likely to die in a car crash than to die from COVID-19, yet we still drive every day too. On that not, there are those who still refuse to wear a seat belt when riding in a car, and there are those are still stupidly drive drunk, yet as a modern society we worry about the world shutting down because we don’t wash our hands properly???

I have a plan for when I get coronavirus, just like everyone should…

Notice I said WHEN, not IF

I have a couple of bottles of Gatorade in the cabinet, as well as some Tylenol. Other than that, my emergency preparedness plan includes fluffing up my pillow and making sure the batteries in my TV remote are fresh, so I can watch Netflix.

The reason I say WHEN I get sick is because it’s flu season.

I try to take care of myself, but occasionally I get sick. Everyone does. It just happens.

Yes, it will suck for a few days, but the vast majority of us will get better. Nobody wants to be sick, but we need to just deal with it. Stay home, rest, drink lots of fluids and eat some crackers. In a couple of weeks, you’ll be better. That’s how the whole sick thing works.

Will some people die? Absolutely. But nobody seems to pay much attention to the tens of thousands of people in the US who die from the flu EVERY year. For the record, many of those who die are elderly, and many who die (elderly or otherwise) usually have compromised immune systems, or other serious issues which are complicated by whatever the virus of the week is.

Is it sad that people die? Of course it is. But stockpiling toilet paper and hand sanitizer isn’t going to protect you if you don’t habitually wash your hands.

Apparently there is no other important news in the world to report, so the media needs something to talk about. Maybe they should talk about how many people have been diagnosed with COVID-19, but recovered (there are THOUSANDS of them…).

Depending how you look at it, some may say coronavirus is a good thing. Airplane tickets, cruises and hotels are going to be really cheap for summer vacations.

If I’m quarantined at home for two weeks, I’ll have time to catch up on playing GTA 5. I can watch a few movies I’ve been wanting to see also. And the thought of staying home from work to sleep all day? Oh, if only. Plus, with Grub Hub, Uber Eats, and any other delivery you could think of, staying home doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. 

Maybe it’s time for me to go lick some door knobs…

~ Marty ~


I survived H1N1, SARS, MERS and Bird Flu…

Will I survive this???