If humanity is the best the universe has to offer, an asteroid needs to take out the Earth immediately.

It’s extremely conceited to think humans are the only “intelligent” species in the universe. The evidence I use to defend my belief in extraterrestrial life is the fact that humanity is far from intelligent.

People ask me, “If there are aliens, why haven’t they made themselves known?”

Well, I have an answer to that.

If you were driving through a really bad part of town, riddled with filth, war, crime and ignorance, would you get out of the car to visit the sights and befriend the locals?

Probably not.

In short, Earth is the bad part of the universe.

When the aliens fly by, they roll up the windows and lock the doors.

If for some reason those “visitors” do come to Earth, my guess is they are lost, or doing some sort of study to figure out why humans are so screwed up. I suppose there is the possibility that aliens want to take over the Earth, but that would be the equivalent of you stepping on an ant hill.

It’s not like it’s going to be a challenge for them, because if another species is capable of traveling the universe to get to us, there’s probably not going to be much we can do about them eliminating humanity if they want to.

But can you blame them?

I wrote an article a while back titled Humans Are a Planetary Virus (you should read it).  When you really think about how messed up humanity is (wars, pollution, waste, crime, lack of caring, etc.), it borders on insanity to think humans are the supreme beings of the universe. Humans are nothing more than a destructive virus to the planet, and as technology improves, humans are becoming a virus to the purity of deep space also.

It’s doubtful there could be any other “intelligent” species in the infinite span of the universe who are stupid enough to destroy themselves and their habitat like humans.

If you are human, maybe consider changing your ways to improve the reputation of the planet. Change has to start somewhere. It may as well start with you, because if you think your species is “intelligent”, it’s time to start acting like it!

~ Marty ~

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