As a professional writer, I wondered what would happen if I took a basic college writing class.  

Recently I decided to further some higher education goals. One of the prerequisites for for my degree was a Comp 1 basic writing class. While most people attending college probably wouldn’t care much about this, it made me quite nervous. Not because I was worried about it being hard, but because I’m a professional writer.

What if I failed a basic writing class?

While my writing may be totally random (especially here on my blog), I like to think I’m fairly literate. In the ten years or so that I’ve been writing “professionally” with no formal training or literary education, I’ve written for newspapers, magazines and other media, as well as publishing a few books. The problem I was worried about was I have my own writing style. In other words, I write the way I like to write. I didn’t know if my bad habits and stubborn nature would preclude me from writing how someone else wants or expects me to write. No pressure, right?

It would be quite humiliating if couldn’t pass the class.

It would look really bad if I failed. It’d be bad for my professional status, but it’d also be bad for my ego. I knew it was going to be a fun challenge though. I had positivity, but not an over abundance of confidence. I wasn’t sure what the outcome the would be.

My anxiety increased until the first assignment was graded. When I got it back, to my surprise, I had an A. Then the next assignment. Also, an A. This theme carried on throughout the semester until the class was completed with (wait for it), an A!

I was so proud of myself.

Whether it shows or not, I DO know how to write and I AM capable of following proper grammar rules, but what fun is that? My writing may still lack substance, and it may not have a point, but it amuses me (and hopefully you too). Plus, writing is therapeutic for me. I’m not trying to win any literary awards, I just like to write.

Somewhere along the line in life, I learned a thing or two about writing, but the class definitely helped me. It didn’t really teach much anything new, but it helped me to clean up some things to make my writing better. If you’re a writer with no formal training or education, I would HIGHLY recommend taking a class like this. If not for the education, simply for the challenge to see how you’d do.

It’s okay to write because you want to write, but it’s important to learn the rules. Even if you choose not to follow them…

If you see some commas out of place or other punctuation used improperly in my posts, please know it’s because I don’t care. Not because I didn’t know.

~ Marty ~