Any time is a fun time for vacations, but everyone else in the world probably feels the same way as you do. Sometimes it’s better if you just stay home.

Before you think I’m trying to ruin your vacation fun, take a minute to read my five reasons why it might be better to stay home.

#1. Being that everyone and their brother wants travel, this means you’ll be fighting massive crowds and stupid people. If you don’t like being around large crowds and stupid people, stay home and find something to do. I can’t promise you’ll avoid the stupid people, but you can beat the big crowds at least.

#2. Think of the money you’ll save if you stay home! Obviously, if you stay home you’re not going to be spending money on a hotel room or airfare, but if you’re insistent on going to a hotel, make it an adventure by staying at a Motel 6 in the sketchy part of town.

Bonus Tip: You’ll have more time to read my blog if you’re at home (true story).

#3. Regardless of where you live, there is most likely something fun for you to do in your neighborhood, or fairly close to home. It’s fun to explore new places around you where you live, then when you’re done you can go home to your own bed. This is normally good, unless you hate your bed. If you can’t find anything fun to do near you, get creative and make your own fun. Think about dressing up like a giant squirrel while dancing on street corners.

#4. If you have a pet, they’ll appreciate having you home at night. Vacations are stressful enough for humans. Think of how your poor puppy feels having to be left in a kennel or with someone other than family for an extended stay. If YOU have second thoughts about staying with your crazy old Aunt Mildred, you’re pet probably does too. You don’t want your pet to have anxiety, do you? You can stay home and bake home made treats for your little buddy instead of traveling.

#5. You will have far less stress than if you were traveling. Let’s face it, spending a bunch of money, being around stupid people and missing your pet is hard. Less stress means more happy for your time off. You do want to be happy, don’t you?

Traveling and exploring the world are great adventures everyone should partake in at some point, but put some thought into it. You don’t have to break the bank in order to have a great vacation (unless you damage the squirrel costume you rent). Make sure you sign the damage waiver to avoid additional fees on the costume.

This has been another public service announcement by Marty


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