Canada is a beautiful country of nearly 38 million people, but where are they?

I know where Canada is physically located, but with regard to the internet, specifically my blog, I’ve never seen any Canadian readers on my site. 

I get the stats of where my readers come from, but I’ve not had one visitor from Canada.  Not even one. It’s confusing to me because I’ve had readers from nearly 40 other countries, 

Is that that Canadians aren’t online? 

Do Canadians have more better taste than the rest of the world to not read this trash I call writing? 

What’s the deal?

I’ve been to Canada many times. I love Canada, but I realized today I don’t have any friends who live in Canada. I hope someone in Canada can be my friend so I can break this horrible trend I’m in. I’d love to hear from you if you’re out there… 

I want to share my shenanigans with our neighbors to the north. If you have a friend in Canada, share one of my articles with them. 

If you live in Canada and you’re lucky enough to be reading this. Thank you.