Election season is almost upon us. This means all the “vote for me” signs are popping up like weeds in yards of homes and on street corners. To be blunt, I don’t care who you plan to vote for…

There are two things in life everyone should keep to themselves: Politics and religion.

Yes, I get the whole first amendment thing…freedom of speech, yada yada yada, but as I said before, I don’t care who your favorite politician is. Vote for whoever you want, but stop trying to convert everyone else with your yard trash.

You are not going to sway my vote or change anyone else’s mind because of your lawn litter. Do us all a favor and throw them in the trash now. Nobody cares. 

Just stop. The signs are ugly and your effort is fruitless.

Here’s a few questions for you:

Did you know politicians PAY money for advertising? You’re all cluttering up the neighborhood for FREE? I hope you at least got a free t-shirt or something for your services.

Hey politicians, maybe I’ll change my story if you pay me… (hint)

When your candidate loses, why do you leave your stupid signs in your yard for months after? Do you think maybe your sign will force a recount? In addition, why do you never collect the multitude of signs left scattered along the roadside? It’s quite rude to leave them to be picked up by the city, who surprisingly has better things to do than clean up your trash.

If someone wins, I highly doubt it was because of your yard sign.

~ Marty ~