In a time where everyone carries high definition digital cameras on them, why is it we only see blurry photos of ghosts, UFO’s, and Bigfoot?

“Proof” pictures are almost always out of focus, out of frame, distorted or show some other abnormality which hinders clear observation of whatever it is someone is trying to prove.

This really bothers me.

Is it so much to ask that someone give the world a clear photo of the paranormal?

I’m not doubting the existence of these things, I just want to see them!

If you’re going to make a claim, PLEASE get a good picture to back it up.

Before you snap the photo, take a breath and relax. If you’re about to die because one of the above listed things is upon you, taking that extra moment to compose yourself probably isn’t going save your life, but it WILL get me a good photo.

If you’re abducted by aliens, politely ask them if you can snap a selfie. Or ask if they will snap a selfie with your phone. Maybe ask if they might hold for a moment before they launch back into space after they return you.

As for Bigfoot, I’m pretty sure no one has ever been killed by a Sasquatch, so I’d say you’re probably safe to take that extra moment for a photo.

And ghosts? Maybe just ask them nicely, especially if you’re in a house they’re haunting. Seeing as how you’re a guest there, it’s the polite thing to do. I think all of this really comes down to manners and common courtesy.

Please do your part to bring truth to conspiracy theories, myths, and other mysteries. Society will will greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

This has been another public service announcement from your pal Marty