It’s sort of like how Columbus “found” the Native Americans…Were any of these “discoveries” ever really missing?

Finding a cure for cancer would be life changing.
Finding a way to stop our air and water from being polluted would be amazing.
Finding a “new” star or planet that’s been floating around in space for millions of years, well… that doesn’t really impress me much.

Imagine that your home’s windows and doors are closed and no one can see in. Someone is driving down your street right as you open your front door. The occupants of the car driving by can suddenly see into your home.

The car stops, the driver gets out, then walks into your house yelling “LOOK WHAT I FOUND“. What we do in the universe is no different.

The way we view the world is funny. We have these “ah-HA” moments where we merely observe something we failed to see previously. I don’t call that discovery.

I call it using your observation skills.

When Christopher Columbus found the “new” world, it wasn’t lost. Native Americans were happily thriving in a world of their own. When the “invasion” came, everything changed. The settlers tried to convince them they were missing, but they knew they weren’t.

Flash forward to the future.

As we venture out beyond our planet, we’re bound to happen upon some amazing new “discoveries”, but these things were never missing either. We just didn’t see them before. Humans fail to understand the difference between finding and learning.

The universe is not about “finders keepers”.

There is so much for us to learn in the universe, but what we learn is nothing more than knowledge. It’s not a claim. It’s only a matter of time before we have wars over who claims ownership of the moon and Mars, and probably beyond.

The ignorance displayed with wars on Earth will surely corrupt the purity of space at some point in the future. Why? Because that’s what humans do.

When aliens, gods, or whatever other non-Earthly entities make themselves known by “finding” us, they will surely be in awe, not only at how primitive we are, but also how pathetic we are.

What will happen if  we do come across some far away world with alien life? Will we treat them the same as those who were “found” in the Americas? What if they “find” us? How will WE be treated?

There is nothing wrong with learning everything we can about the universe, but we need to leave it at that. The universe has much to offer, but it’s only on loan.

Curiosity is wonderful thing, but stealing is crime.




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