The world of writing is much different from other forms of art or entertainment. You may have lots of followers, but are you really “known” for your work?

If you ran into me in a grocery store, would you know who I was?

For that matter, would you recognize ANY of your favorite writers?

Whatever it is we write, whether it’s a book, a blog or something else, writers are sort of like ghosts haunting a house. You know we’re there, but nobody ever really sees us or knows who we are.  

How many people write with the intention of being famous?

While many people (like me) write just to write because it’s fun, others may write as a release or for self reflection. Some may write because it’s therapeutic and some may write purely for profit, but the thing binding us all is we obviously want people to read what we write. Otherwise, we wouldn’t put our work out there for the world to see.

Why can’t we as writers be celebrities too?

There are bloggers out there with millions of followers, but chances are, you’d have no clue who they were if you were standing right next to them. When we read (especially blogs), it’s easy to forget there is someone on the other side of the keyboard.

Writers get a bad rap.

Think about your favorite movie, TV show or song. Do you know who wrote it? There is often a whole team of unknown writers behind the scenes doing the real work. Someone (a writer) took the time to pour their heart and soul into writing in order to create what you enjoy. A real person used their thoughts and feelings to express something to you, yet you’ll probably never know they are (unless you actually take the time to research the credits).

As a writer, be proud of what you do and who YOU are.

Writing provides a cloak of invisibility. It allows you to become anyone or anything you want to be, but writers often forget who we are as people. We forget our writing personas come from a real personality. Don’t be shy about letting others know who you are!

I always put a picture of me at the end of my posts.

I do this because I want to personalize my writing, I want you to know I’m a real person. I always hope you’ll like what I write and I always hope I’ll gain lots of followers, but I also want you to know who I am.

It’s not that I’m conceited, but I do like attention (who doesn’t?). I also like to be recognized (not just with a click of the “like” button, but as a person). I know I’ll probably never walk the Hollywood red carpet as a famous writer, but I have had a few people recognize me in public who’ve greeted me with comments like “I love your writing”.

This feels good.

It’s pretty cool not just because of the attention aspect, but because I know I actually connected with someone. It means I accomplished my goal as a writer. Something went from my brain to my fingertips, which then somehow ended up in someone else’s brain, which then elicited positive feelings. AND, the reader cared enough to remember who I was and took the time to tell me so.

It’s a feeling I wish every writer could experience.

The thing about writing is to put yourself out there. Seek out every opportunity possible to let others know you’re a writer. It’s okay to make yourself known.

You may never become an A-list celebrity with public recognition like a movie star (I consider myself a Z-list celebrity), but even a little bit of “fame” gives you that extra little bump to remind you what you do matters.