Humans don’t have a very good track record when it comes to colonization. The thought of corrupting a new planet is disturbing.

I was reading an article recently about humans colonizing the planet Mars. It really bothered me thinking about the motivation behind this interplanetary expansion…

Depending how you look at it, colonizing Mars could be good. It would give a fresh start on a new world to begin an entirely new civilization. It would allow humans the opportunity to properly rebuild a society from the ground up.

The far distance from Earth would force the first Mars settlers to be more appreciative of the limited resources they’d need to survive. More importantly, they’d need to be reliant on each other. 

But on the flip side, colonizing Mars could be bad, because look at what humans have done to the Earth over the course of history.

Humans have exploited the resources of our once pure planet by killing forests, expanding uncontrollably and polluting the air and water which sustain life. Humans are destroying the very things which allow them to exist, in addition to destroying each other.

We’ve seen the mistakes made by past generations and the problems they’ve caused. Hopefully these first interplanetary colonists would use the knowledge learned from those who came before us, but it’s not likely.

These new Mars inhabitants would be looking for any available resources on the planet to further the advancement and sustainability of humans.

This is why I say humans are nothing more than a virus.

Look at what a virus does in the human body. Then look at what humans have done to the Earth. The body tries to fight back against invaders, as has the Earth. But like any strong virus, humans have found a way to fight back, gaining only temporary immunity until stronger antibodies eventually come along to finish the job.

Sometimes a virus can survive and flourish, despite antibodies fighting it. When this happens, the host can eventually be overrun and destroyed, or at the very least, severely mutated. The virus must then find a new host. 

Now that Earth is seemingly having its vital resources depleted by humans, it’s time to seek a new planetary host, a host that has not yet been infected. 

It’s disturbing to think we will violate the purity of another planet.

Humans are more than just a virus to the Earth, we’re a universal menace.

We’ve already started the interstellar pollution by sending probes and exploratory craft to the moon, Mars and other locations in our solar system. The human nuisance isn’t just limited to our galactic neighborhood though. We also send constant high powered radio signals into space seeking contact with extraterrestrial species.

Like an annoying neighbor who plays their music too loud, throws trash in your yard or shines lights in your windows at night, humans are doing everything in their power to piss off the rest of the universe. If aliens do hear our signals, I doubt they’re going to be receiving us with open arms.

I can’t help but think maybe there was human like life on Mars or other planets in the past, but something eradicated them because of the problems they presented. Somehow, the human virus was able to replicate and spread, continuing in it’s Earthly habitation.

Before humans even think about moving to another planet, maybe they should try to fix the Earth. But that’s not how viruses work. Viruses consume all resources then move on.

When something, or someone, shows up to fix the problems on Earth, don’t say you weren’t warned.