With so many choices in the frozen pizza aisle, how does a shopper know what to choose?

I spend far too much time in the frozen pizza aisle of the grocery store.

My first flaw with this statement is I’m overly concerned with frozen pizza.

The second flaw is I actually eat some of these frozen pizzas.

This is partly due to laziness on my part with regard to cooking, but also because I’m often broke. Both of which are horrible things I’m trying to correct in my life.

The point of this article isn’t me or my finances. It’s about the frozen pizzas.

In the “old” days (20 or 30 years ago) frozen pizza was a poor person’s food. You would buy a cheap imitation pizza to eat at home when you need a quick snack or when you lacked the funds to purchase from a real pizzeria.

The gap in quality was huge when comparing real versus frozen, but there was a reason for this – it wasn’t supposed to be gourmet. You were buying something that merely resembled a pizza in both taste and look. It was 99 cents from a freezer at the store.

No one should have had any expectations beyond “it’s okay”.

Inflation has caused prices of everything to increase, but something more has changed since those days of old, specifically in the past five years or so.

While there are still cheap frozen pizzas to be had, there are also a large variety selling for much more than that. A visit to pretty much any grocery store will find usually more than half of the freezers filled with pizzas priced $4.99 to some as high as $9.99 or more. I’m not comfortable with this.

Many of these higher priced brands market their products as being higher quality, but the fact is they are still frozen pizzas.

I will agree some do taste a little better than others, but let me repeat what I said a moment ago, they are still frozen pizzas. Why would someone pay that much for frozen when you can spend the same amount to buy a real pizza?

I still buy cheap frozen stuff once in a while because sometimes I just need something small to feed the kids or I need something light to munch on. However, if I’m eating to truly fulfill my hunger needs, or to satisfy a craving for pizza, I’m ordering a real one.

While the big 3 pizza franchises in the US aren’t my favorite by any means, the quality is still far better than frozen and the price is comparable or less depending on what you get for toppings.

Unless you live in an outlying location with no real pizza providers (God forbid) I can’t think of a reason why someone would spend more than five dollars (if that) on a FROZEN pizza. It’s just not right…

The next time you’re in the store considering an overpriced frozen pizza, think twice. There’s a pizzeria out there waiting to hear from you.

Make the right choice!