Humans confuse me.

They’re always going somewhere and they’re always in need of something to do.

Why can’t they just sit and look out the window?

They wake up in the morning and they’re grumpy.

They say don’t want to leave, but they do.

They come home from wherever they were and they’re still grumpy.

I don’t get it.

You’d think that was my writing, but it’s actually the thoughts of my dog.

Dogs don’t want us to go because they’d rather play all day or just snuggle.  They want nothing more than to please us and make us smile. It doesn’t take much to please a dog because they don’t expect anything from you other than the basic necessities of life: Food, Water and Love.

What if people were more like this?

Dogs know there is a big world beyond our familiar walls. They know there are many things to explore and new experiences to be found. If they see an open gate, they want to run out of the yard because they can. They see an opportunity to do something different and they take it without fear.

They don’t worry about getting lost or the other dangers that lurk. They just live for the moment because they’re curious and want to see what the world is about. They know they may not get another opportunity.

Dogs don’t criticize or argue. They don’t care about material items or money. They don’t worry about their appearance or what other dogs think of them.

No matter how bad your day was, dogs are always happy to see you.

They don’t hold grudges, they don’t judge you and they don’t care about anything other the fact that you’re there with them.

Dogs don’t worry about tomorrow and they don’t dwell upon yesterday. They simply live for the moment because that’s all they know.

What if people were more like this?

Maybe humans should be more like dogs…