People always say “find your happy”. For some, this is sometimes difficult, but for me all I had to do was look at what was often right in front of me.

I need pizza.

This may sound like something we’ve all said at some point in our lives, but for me it goes beyond a craving. I really, truly need pizza.

Just as some people desire wine, beer, coffee or cigarettes to get through their day, I need pizza. Some define my need for pizza as an unhealthy addiction.  I’m told it’s a form of mental illness.

While I don’t claim to be free of mental illness, I’m proud to say pizza actually helps my sanity because it’s more than an addiction. It’s my version of anti-depressants. Pizza regulates my mind and it makes me happy.

Happiness is sometimes hard to come by when you’re suffering through dark times in life. Problems and people come and go in our lives (those same people often cause us headaches which lead to unhappiness) but pizza is a constant. Any time of day, regardless of where you are, pizza is always there, waiting to make you happy.

It’s not judgmental and it’s always welcoming.

Even when pizza isn’t great it still makes you feel better.

I want to be happy. Is this really such a bad thing? If pizza is what it takes, then so be it.

If I die tomorrow, I promise you I’ll have a full stomach. I’ll also have a happy stomach. This is a commitment I made to myself years ago. I do eat other foods (though not as much), but I eat what I want to eat because it makes me happy.

And, I eat pizza often because I can

To those who say pizza isn’t healthy to eat all the time, you’re wrong.

Science has proven pizza is healthy.

Sauce made from tomatoes contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant which has been shown to lower risks of some types of cancer. Dough also contains healthy antioxidants.

Depending on your toppings, you can get a variety of vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables and meats. Yes, all 4 food groups can be had on your pizza allowing you get your daily dose of nutrients.

Maybe finishing off an 18” pie every day might be excessive, but you can eat pizza often if you do it right. Unlike other vices such as cigarettes or drugs, pizza does have many healthy options. It’s all about moderation and common sense.

If you’re worried about calories, eat smaller portions, exercise more and be aware of the ingredients, but do eat some pizza because you want it, and eat it because you can.

It’s okay to admit to yourself that you need it.

There is nothing shameful about feeling this way. I think most people are just jealous when they criticize me for eating pizza all the time. Or they’re curious. Either way, I’m not a rarity. There many people in the world like me.

Don’t fight the urge. Join us.

There may come a time in life where I can’t eat pizza all the time (my worst nightmare is developing a gluten or dairy allergy).  While I hope that day never comes, I live (and eat) for today because tomorrow isn’t promised.

You should too.

Support your local pizzeria. Happiness awaits you.